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Redirect the daily grind
there aren't a lot of reliable news sources these days, but the daily grind still seems to be one of them. the daily grind contains all site information. click on this forum or the banner on sidebar to navigate links. ( this will redirect you. )
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flyers and bulletins
all around teritus you can see them: crappy photo copied, brightly colored notices telling you what events are coming, news they need you to see, or just ramblings and lost animals. check out ours here.
1 0 Mar 30 2018, 02:40 AM
In: 01. Welcome.
By: fox
help line
oh don't be shy. everyone's got their problems and it's good to talk them out with someone! just post what's bugging you, what we can help you with, and/or what's on your mind; and we'll get right on back to you! only 2.95 a minute, of course.

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4 5 Mar 25 2018, 03:28 AM
In: master post.
By: fox

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birth records
imagine, once you were a helpless little thing. now you're... well you. i guess. are you sure that's what you want to look like? i mean, i wouldn't have picked it for myself... but i guess it works? ah whatever. submit your birth records here for processing and all that bureaucratic junk. remember you only have three days for it to be processed unless you've got special permission.
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1 0 Mar 25 2018, 03:31 AM
In: application.
By: fox
e-discordia profiles
oops we lied. those weren't birth records, they were online profiles. as in: a convenient way for the corporations to track you down. oh, don't worry! they're pretty benevolent... for the most part. chances are, you're not somebody they even care to look up, so you have no problems! right?
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9 22 Apr 17 2018, 06:03 PM
In: Chale, Marcela
By: magnolia ashgrove
currently seeking
ah, want ads. aren't they great? if you're hunting for someone for your plots - or just in general, to get some balls rolling - check these out or post one of your own. we don't have any kind of limit, just know what you're capable of doing and maintaining. it's never a blast when you take a want ad and you get ignored. don't be that guy.
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4 0 Apr 8 2018, 01:35 AM
In: chasing demons
By: jonas fox
or claims, i guess you could say. this is just a bunch of lists and sign ups (bureaucracy, am i right?) you have to fill out before you start playing. and yes, you should do everything in here. even if it feels tedious. it's easier for everyone to have this info accessible.
4 8 Apr 3 2018, 10:07 PM
In: 03. MD
By: ashley roesall
there are plenty of different methods on earth one to communicate, and most of them are exactly the same. obviously proper names like skype are different, but the methods remain. you can text, you can call, you can video chat. just use this as a bridge to a thread and not a time waster.
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1 0 Apr 11 2018, 01:31 AM
In: ain't my fault.
By: charlotte prince
teritus events
we don't have just one thing going on around here. there's always something going on, even if it's just a questionnaire for more points. check back and get your game on!
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1 0 Mar 25 2018, 03:34 AM
In: missions.
By: fox

Collapse   viker nox
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Redirect about viker
click on this forum to learn more about viker nox. this will have extra details on the district, info on the neighborhoods (though you can access those by hovering on boards) and more.

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addagan is the type of neighborhood that one associates with the upper crust; lavish, beautiful, and green (which is a rarity in a city this large.) trees dot the streets in floral canopies over the roads, leading way to gorgeous stone shop fronts and businesses. the windows are all tinted a pretty purple color that becomes iridescent in the light. it is here that you can find the luxury of leisure.

Subforums: written in the stars, rose walk, baker street condos, 3rd avenue, twin souls bakery, hesperides' gardens

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In: ----
cardinia is the largest and most popular neighborhood in viker nox; more than likely due to it's over the top night life and it's affluent day life. cardinia holds a lot of viker's money making businesses (including trade and stock exchange) while also showering folks in it's bright and flashy nature. billboards tower over the streets. the latest in entertainment is found here - not only in cardinia's night clubs, but in it's theaters and stages. this neighborhood is a tourist attraction to be sure.

Subforums: the equinox, tudor square, nyx ki hemera, donut pub, player's gambit, main street lofts

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In: ----
rosmyer, also commonly called lower viker, isn't what you think of when you think of viker nox. while the neighborhood did have it's heyday a few decades ago, the place has since been retrofitted for the working class of viker nox. the ones that aren't rich or powerful. rosmyer is by no means a dump though. the buildings are still beautiful and the streets are clean (for the most part.) but one can tell there are visible signs of wear and the shops that line the streets aren't as hoity toity or eye catching as they are in other districts. rosmyer is, for all intents and purposes, a humble neighborhood.

Subforums: zion cathedral, st. ripper's, black cross bank, underhill apartments, ice rink and parlor, papaya dog

1 2 Apr 17 2018, 04:01 PM
In: lies in the dark.
By: devereux luciano

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Redirect about doxus
click on this forum to learn more about doxus prime. this will have extra details on the district, info on the neighborhoods (though you can access those by hovering on boards) and more.

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kvet na
kvet na is as upper class as doxus gets - and trust that isn't by much. the neighborhood is a smattering of high priced clubs and low end entertainment. the majority of their income comes from the magic docks and the "flashy" entertainment. while the roads are maintained and there isn't a lot of graffiti, neon lights tend to light your way to where ever it is that you wish to go; though it's always better if you have a destination. wandering isn't really encouraged in these parts.

Subforums: rieki trading co-op, sol's pizza, nuit noir, rule of three, freckle park, magice docks

1 4 Apr 17 2018, 03:43 AM
In: trouble in mind.
By: charlotte prince
m'kellan is a neighborhood that's tougher than it appears, and rightfully so. most people here are running from something - whether it's their past or from someone in particular - so they dont take too kindly to people coming in and causing a fuss. their streets are nothing to gawk at - usually lined with flyers and posters, graffiti'd and abused. their buildings made of red brick. m'kellan is infamously known, however, for their rough night life and their penchant for dangerous entertainment. if you like blood sports or high adrenaline hobbies, this is your kind of place.

Subforums: the underpass, five points, riven's red apartments, widdershins', twisted sister, four havens bar

1 0 Apr 15 2018, 04:46 AM
In: disco tits.
By: charlotte prince
utteri is a seedy place, sure, but it's not without it's merit. the people here are hard working and take pride in their neighborhood. they're the types that, if you're from their hood, then you're ride or die as far as they're concerned. a lot of places in utteri are local; meaning if you don't know the right people you won't know about it in general. but fighting is a main source of income here, and it's said that this is the spades' main recruiting ground.

Subforums: valeo clinic, katz deli, the styx, m, mix20, pretty parcel

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In: ----

Collapse   indro
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Redirect about indro
click on this forum to learn more about indro. this will have extra details on the district, info on the neighborhoods (though you can access those by hovering on boards) and more.

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rex publari
rex publari is well known for the innovation and technological booms that happen here. along these streets you can find some of the leading companies that specialize in the coolest new gadgets, innovations, and projects around. these range in the simply mundane, the life saving, to even leisure and convenience. large tech and medical conferences happen in this very district including nerdd con and techNovate!

Subforums: #getgood, crestfall lofts, devil's snare, show world market, maenad's hallow, luxorum industry

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In: ----
gladium is a neighborhood known for it's neon graffiti and it's mostly underground transportation. this neighborhood is one of the first to connect most of it's buildings by underground passageways and tram systems. and while they're not as flashy as other neighborhoods or as loud as them, gladium has a lot of interesting people and weird or quirky ways of using technology. most people come here for the midday markets, but they stay for the atmosphere.

Subforums: buck a mile, evia apartments, blue moon ink, midday markets, rivenwood college, la llorona bodega

2 2 Apr 17 2018, 03:47 PM
In: ease the vibe.
By: magnolia ashgrove
eradus maxim
eradus is definitely the largest neighborhood in indro, but not because of it's population or innovation, simply because of the square footage it takes up. eradus contains a lot of housing complexes, churches, cemeteries, and small mom and pop businesses. so one can imagine, that takes up a lot of square footage. it may seem weird that there's a neighborhood in the techno-savvy indro district that is a little more backward; the residences would disagree. with science comes the converse: belief. and where science unsettles and the unknown looms ever present overhead, some take comfort in these seemingly backwards ways.

Subforums: abisme mausoleum, inquit inc., aqua regia alchemy, st. francis', elysian meadows, sunshine diner

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In: ----

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Redirect about teritus proper
click on this forum to learn more about teritus proper. this will have extra details on the district, info on the neighborhoods (though you can access those by hovering on boards) and more.

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public spaces
dotted about teritus and it's districts are neutral territories - or rather, what seems to be neutral. in these places there's no real corporate jurisdiction, but then, there's nothing protecting your rights either. if you wander into these public spaces there's always a 50/50 chance you're being watched by someone or another. but if you want to get away from the crowded streets, these public spaces are your best bet.

Subforums: the compound, alleyways, farmland, underpasses, subways, annwn woods

1 5 Apr 16 2018, 07:33 PM
In: sinking.
By: jonas fox
city limits
those that are considered 'city limits' are those that are places where corporations haven't touched. they're either the tried and true business owners that keep their autonomy or they're public works places content on appearing 'neutral' to the outside world. here you can find hospitals and police, aquariums and bars. no corporation backs these and it shows in some cases. rest assured tho, if these places sit in the middle of a district, they may not be backed by a corporation, but the people working there might be.

Subforums: avenue general, hugo's bail bonds, black jack's inn, vox aquarium, cat's eye motel, precinct 38

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In: ----
small neighborhoods
these little neighborhoods are few and far between in teritus. they're the ones that aren't under anyone's jurisdiction and it's because of this that most either watch themselves here, or submit to the neighborhoods set of laws. most of the time they're fair. but then again, they're not ever present like corporations and they can't see everything. so be careful.

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In: ----

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out of character
here's where all our games are (because who doesn't love wasting time with those?) and please, for the love of everything holy, post an absence if you're going away for more than three days. we wont be mad, promise! this is also where you can find completed threads. if you're looking for our archive, we dont have one. you'll need to ask an admin for anything you want back.
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2 6 Apr 15 2018, 05:23 AM
In: tfln.
By: charlotte prince
everyone has them, these are ours. post in the right forums. only jcink/if are accepted. if you're interested in affiliating with us, please fill out the template and we'll get back to you in a timely manner.

click for ads master-post!

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64 0 Today at 02:25 pm
In: Flaming Hearts
By: Stark

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